With years of experience and HPC registered, Caroline Moss provides a specialist one-on-one consultation service, so that you fully understand your foot problems and the solutions available to you, in a relaxing and friendly environment.

Podiatry services we provide include:

  • Athlete's foot treatment
  • Nail cutting
  • Treatment of ingrowing toenails
  • Corn and callus removal
  • Advice on verrucae
  • Blister treatment

Foot treatment and advice

At the Hale Barns Therapy Centre our aim is the provision of the highest-quality podiatric care available, in an environment specifically designed for this purpose. From simple and routine treatments to minor surgery, we endeavor to ensure that the experience is as pleasant and as comfortable as possible.

We are committed to providing excellent foot care in a relaxed, welcoming and professional environment and aim to provide high-quality, evidence-based treatment.

Treatment Costs

A consultation and treatment lasts 30 minutes and costs:
Clinic - £25
Home Visit - £27 .


We offer home visits and evening appointments for your ease and convenience.


Any questions? Call the Hale Barns Therapy Centre for more information or to book an appointment on
0161 904 9994

Services we provide include:

The Hale Barns Therapy Centre | Call: 0161 904 9994