The Hale Barns Therapy Centre has a resident counsellor named Tricia Pathak. She is a BACP accredited counsellor / psychotherapist, as well as a UKRC-registered independent counsellor. Tricia is also a qualified supervisor, whose approach to counselling and supervision is person-centered.

Tricia has twenty years of experience in areas such as:

  • NHS primary care
  • Occupational health
  • Independent practice
  • Education
  • EAPs
  • Voluntary organisations

Who needs counselling?

Counselling issues range from anxiety, bereavement, stress and depression to panic attacks and relationship issues. Problems can be specific or vague. Difficulties may relate to work or home life, other people, events in the distant past, or a more recent crisis.

Feelings of fear, anger, sadness or loneliness may be troubling you. You may be experiencing loss, change or distress of some kind.

Counselling recognises the individuality of you and your circumstances. Talking it through with a caring professional can benefit you in many different ways.

Confidential one-to-one counselling

Counselling sessions are confidential. I will not break confidentiality as defined by the BACP Code of Ethics/Ethical Guidelines. You may choose to tell people that you are seeing a counsellor or you may decide to keep it private.

Treatment Costs

Sessions are £50 per hour.

To see how counselling can help you, call the Hale Barns Therapy Centre on
0161 904 9994

Services we provide include:

The Hale Barns Therapy Centre | Call: 0161 904 9994